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Monty Williams Surviving Another Turn on the NBA Hot Seat

This season Monty Williams was on the hot seat. It appears he will last until the end of the season.

Rusty Costanza-USA TODAY Sports

Before the season starts it is popular to rank things. Team power rankings, player rankings, free agent destination rankings, and coaching hot seat rankings. Monty Williams was on the hot seat this season according to many articles. SB NationNBA.comSports Illustrated, and CBS Sports all considered Monty Williams on the hot seat going into this season.

There was a point, after the losses to Sixers and Knicks, where I legitimately believed a coaching change could be on the way. So much so that I even wrote a guide on how to fire your coach in a fit of equal parts rage and disappointment following the loss to the Knicks. Since that time Monty Williams has not only survived, he has thrived.

The Pelicans are 12-7 since losing in Madison Square Garden, the 7th best record in the NBA in that span. They rank 4th in Offensive Rating and 21st in Defensive Rating. All this while Anthony Davis has missed portions of 10 games due to injury, Ryan Anderson has missed nine games, and Jrue Holiday has missed all 19. The NBA coaching hot seat has turned its glare elsewhere in the meantime.

Brian Shaw Out in Denver

Brian Shaw is now the fourth head coach to be fired during this season. Before him the Kings fired Mike Malone, the Magic fired Jacque Vaughn, and the Kings fired Ty Corbin. Kudos to the Sacramento Kings for showing up on this list twice. Mike D'Antoni is reportedly interested in the Nuggets vacancy.

Beyond this Season

Now to launch into discussion. It seems that with just 22 games to go and one game out of the playoff picture a coaching change before April is out of the cards.

What does Monty Williams need to accomplish in the next 22  games for you to want him back this season? This can be a specific goal such as making the playoffs or something more nebulous.

Second, did the Pelicans make the right decision in keeping Monty Williams throughout this season? Is organizational reputation important in your evaluation?

I look forward to reading your opinions in the comments!