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Bird Feed: Tyreke Evans believes Jrue Holiday's 2015 season isn't over

We've got the inside scoop!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview yesterday on Jay Mohr Sports, Tyreke Evans had plenty of enlightening things to say. Here are some of the highlights:

  • When John Calipari left Memphis for the University of Kentucky, it was a dream come to true. Thus, Evans thinks that it's too early for Coach Cal to consider leaving Lexington, his dream job.
  • Tyreke claims injuries have held this squad back since they've come together.
  • Tyreke believes Jrue Holiday will come back soon as he's been looking good.
  • For some humor, Mohr asked whether Davis has ever let him touch his eyebrow. Defiantly, Evans stated that he's got no desire to do such thing.
  • Evans thinks that Kevin Love should have gone about it differently when answering Russell Westbrook should be the MVP over his teammate, LeBron James.
  • Tyreke and Jay Mohr love the floor at the Smoothe King Center. Evans claims he also feels comfortable when he steps onto the floor in Utah. One place he doesn't like to play? Denver.