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Pelicans fold to the Rockets but they lost much more than one game

The Pelicans lose for the fifth time in their last six games, and the playoffs are now just that little dot in your rear view mirror.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Pelicans started the night off with a bang, out-scoring the Rockets 34-19 after the first quarter. Tyreke Evans led the way with a perfect 6-6 from the floor, 14 points and 4 assists.

Then, everything that followed, seemed to come right out of Stephen King script.

  • Pelicans were outscored 59 -36 in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.
  • Pelicans missed 12 free throws in the game.
  • Pelicans were outscored 62-40 in the paint.
  • Pelicans were out-rebounded 43-37 (at one point the discrepancy was 17).
  • Anthony Davis went over 11 minutes without a shot attempt. During this stretch the Pelicans 8 point lead morphed into a 7 point deficit.
  • And certainly not least, Davis went down yet again after suffering a stinger to the problematic right shoulder.

The Brow would return to the game awhile later, and the Pelicans would make it interesting in the end by cutting the 11 point deficit to just a single hoop, but they were not able to get over the hump.

Not much else left to say. The Pelicans keep losing games, now 5 of their last 6; meanwhile the Thunder keep winning. With 11 games left in the season, New Orleans now sits a full 4 games behind the Oklahoma City Thunder for a berth to the postseason, pending OKC's outcome to the San Antonio Spurs tonight.

Stay tuned for Quentin's full recap coming up later folks.

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