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Pelicans succumb to Warriors in second half rout, 112-96

They kept it competitive for two and a half quarters. Then Steph Curry remembered he can shoot and the game was over.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

It was a close game, but it was not really that close. At one point in the third quarter the Pelicans went on a little run and cut the Warrior lead to just five points, 66-61. Golden State made two quick buckets and Monty Williams immediately burned a 20-second time out to try to stem the tide. No dice. Steph Curry finally made a three, over the outstretched arms of Dante Cunningham. Roaracle Arena fired up. The avalanche was on.

The Warriors ended the third quarter on a 20-7 run. What had the feel of a game there to be stolen was in an instant a rout. Curry, who had been in a nasty and unexplained funk despite a number of open shots, scored 10 of his 16 points in just two minutes. The fourth quarter started with more of the same. Back to back turnovers by Jimmer Fredette (and folks wondered why he was not getting playing time) pushed the Warrior lead to 25 points with nine minutes to go.

If all that was not enough, Tyreke Evans took a couple hard spills and once was tripped by Alexis Ajinca who was attempting to set a screen. Thankfully Monty Williams had seen enough as Evans lacked both lift and explosiveness. The growing margin ensured Evans would have the rest of the night off. The Pelican reserves, most of whom would not log a minute on a healthy roster, were predictably terrible. Negative double digit plus minus for each as the Warriors proved far too healthy for this MASH unit.

Quentin will have a more in-depth recap up shortly. The Pelicans will fly to Los Angeles and try to rest up for the Clippers on an early Sunday matinee game. Chris Paul and company are battling for playoff seeding; there will be no quarter given.

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