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Happy Birthday Anthony Davis!

New Orleans young superstar turns 22 today. Coincidence or not, he's got 4 days to celebrate before the Pelicans next game.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

At 22 years of age, most players in the NBA are still trying to find their footing in the league. Not so with Anthony Davis. He's been setting the league on fire for some time now, but the highlights have been getting better and more frequent with age. In fact, it's rare nowadays if he doesn't give fans something to go gaga over from each game.

Thus, let's help celebrate AD's birthday by having a look back at his 10-best moments during his age-21 year.

10. From last night, Davis decides to start celebrating his birthday early against the Nets.

9. A one-hand catch on a lob for a monster dunk from the rafters against the Sixers.

8. A double block in Portland, first against LaMarcus Aldridge then Wesley Matthews.

7. Does anybody wonder whether Manu Ginobili just got introduced to volleyball?

6. Kendrick Perkins thought he had created some space.

5. Anthony Davis tears through the air around 4 Hawks for this incredible one-hand put-back dunk.

4. Days after turning 21, Davis posts the first 40/20 (pt/reb) game in franchise history.

3. In the fifth game of the 2014-15, AD has a game-winning lay-up against the Spurs.

2.. A steal in the final seconds to push the Pelicans past the Mavericks for the first time in their 10 previous meetings.

And then he proceeds to remind Dallas they're not welcome in his house.

1. Anthony Davis game-winning 3-point shot to beat OKC at the buzzer.

So, what do you guys think? Have I made any glaring mistake(s) by omitting an impressive highlight or two by the Special Man? Speaking of which...

Lastly, as a special tribute to AD's 22nd birthday, Red Bull did a rapid-fire interview with him, asking as many personal questions as they could within a 24 second shot clock.