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Performance Rankings: Pelicans at Thunder

Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Just 48 hours ago, the Pelicans lost at home to the Thunder without Kevin Durant in the lineup. So naturally, they managed to take this game down to the wire on the road against the full OKC roster.

It was back and forth for much of the 4th quarter and then this happened.

Thankfully, Kevin Durant missed his jumper, and Tyreke Evans grabbed the rebound, but inexplicably, threw it away. It ended up back in Durant's hands yet he missed AGAIN. This time Anthony Davis nabbed the rebound, got the foul and made both of his free throws.

Unfortunately, Quincy Pondexter fouled Russell Westbrook on a three point attempt. Calmly he made all of them, but the Pelicans had one more chance for the win with 1.2 seconds on the clock.

What happened next was the most glorious thing in the world: ANTHONY DAVIS MADE HIS FIRST THREE POINT SHOT OF THE SEASON ON A DOUBLE-CLUTCH 35 FOOTER!!!


I'll get the recap to you guys in a bit, but celebrate with your votes or your comments below.

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