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We here at The Bird Writes feel we've put forth our best effort this season. After a summer of quiet upheaval, Oleh and I were staring at a website barely remaining on life support. Much like the beloved Pelicans we cover, the injuries (in blogging, we call it real life creeping up) had taken a toll on our roster masthead.

Unfortunately, The Bird Writes had no first round picks to trade for an immediate fix. I love Dell Demps' vision for the franchise, but a different path was required for our community. With help from SB Nation NBA, we got to work.

First came the addition of  new writers to our slim, remaining core: Kevin Barrios, Joseph Billiot, Chris Cucchiara, Jamile Dunn, Quentin Haynes, Zachary Junda, and Matty Robinson. Next, we vowed to pump out excellent game coverage, win or lose: previews that typically post the day before, immediate game reaction threads (better known around here as the performance ranking posts), and in-depth recaps that contain observations typically absent from other resources. Lastly, we aimed to keep you abreast of all current issues surrounding the team through reams of analysis, weekly power rankings and beautiful memes.

Let Em Have It

We have seen the impact as The Bird Writes Twitter account continues to grow by leaps and bounds nearly every week. We appreciate each and every one of you (even the folks we disagree with!) coming to our site. However, there is more work to be done. It is all about this next box.

Are you on Facebook? Are your friends? Fellow Pelican fans? We want you! Like us on Facebook. Share our posts so casual Pelican fans know that AD is going to suit up against the Atlanta Hawks, or to watch a beautiful Tyreke Evans dish in slow motion to the Special Man.

Shouldn't your friends get a chance to see that each and every night it happens? The Pelicans are knocking on the door of mainstream relevancy. It's time to climb on board alongside the rest of your fans and ensure you never miss another moment of Anthony Davis #TakeFlight.