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Birdfeed: Jrue Holiday's 2014-15 season return in jeopardy

Why does there seem to be less clarity now, nearly six weeks after he last played in a game?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Per the Advocate:

New Orleans Pelicans point guard Jrue Holiday said Wednesday the injury to his lower right leg is different than the one he experienced last season, and said he doesn't need surgery.

"The difference is that I had a crack in my shin last year, and I don't have a crack now," he said after the Pelicans' shoot-around practice in preparation for the night's game against the Brooklyn Nets at Smoothie King Center.

Ok, so far so good. When the injury was first announced last month, there wasn't any crack in any bone. Rather, it was deemed to be a stress reaction.

Then, there was rumors Holiday was going to return after the All-Star break. Unfortunately, during the NBA rest period, Holiday suffered a setback and he was going to be re-evaluated after another 3 weeks on the shelf.

Fast forward to today and now the latest timetable appears to be up in the air.

Holiday has seen a specialist in his hometown of Los Angeles and has been the walking boot the past few weeks, he said. He said he had a procedure done, but it was not surgery.

Holiday is due to be re-evaluated in two weeks.

"I just had them look at it," he said. "Obviously, I got a procedure done, and with that procedure, we'll see how it goes in a couple of weeks.

"They didn't have to cut me open or anything."

What was this latest procedure that didn't require surgery? And what's up with this phrase, "we'll see how it goes?" This sounds more like of the hope and pray variety than anything resembling the meaning of definitive.

I discussed some ideas relating to this troubling injury last week and they remain relevant more than ever. Holiday doesn't seem to be dealing with a normal stress reaction. Everything is pointing to it either being tied to his fracture last season, or his bone structure/muscles surrounding the area are predisposed to injury. In either case, perhaps not enough preventative measures have been employed since the initial injury.

"I guess, before, I wanted to push it to try to see if I could come back," he said. "I guess, now, it's about making sure my leg heals all the way. Once the boot comes off, we'll see what's up."

Further, and more importantly, why was he allowed to push it at the time of the setback? Did all the medical and biometric data test out fine and determine there was no such inherent risk? Did someone skip that step or was Holiday, or someone else with authority, allowed to override it?

Today's interview by Jrue Holiday has suddenly left us more puzzled by the whole situation than at any time prior. Will we get any deserving answers as to why Holiday might end up appearing in just three more games than his 2013-14 season total?