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Crazy Trade Machine Goes for a Spin!

You might actually like the result.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Creating balanced trades as a fan of any team is a difficult proposition. Fans of nearly every team routinely over value their own players in this process and the end result is a trade that fans of the other teams involved laugh at as incredibly biased. Fortunately for us, there are occasional alternatives.

Two men stand above the rest as connoisseurs of the NBA Trade Machine. Bill Simmons, unabashed Celtics fan, and Matt Moore of CBS Sports. Moore is a Memphis Grizzlies fan but manages to avoid team to team bias at an incredible rate most times. This is not an easy task. Zach Lowe described his progress into an NBA robot in an excellent article this summer. His lack of bias team to team is remarkable. Still, all people have some biases in terms of the "proper" way to build a team should proceed.

Much of my disagreement with all three of the aforementioned writers is how the Pelicans are usually covered. Don't trade picks, be patient, etc. If New Orleans was a bunch of rookies (say, Nerlens Noel and Elfrid Payton or Trey Burke and T.J. Warren), Greivis Vasquez, Robin Lopez, and all that glorious cap space this team is horrible. Not battling at .500. Horrible. In that alternate reality New Orleans is still getting bashed for missing on Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jusuf Nurkic.

This piece, is not about that disagreement. Instead it is about an amazing trade idea Matt Moore posted within the last hour. It is glorious.

That's just beautiful.

When (if) the Pelicans ever get healthy they can start Holiday, Evans, Chandler, Davis, and Asik with Thomas, Pondexter, Cunningham, and Wright coming off the bench. While Brandan Wright does not provide the spacing that Anderson does his defensive acumen at center would be a boon to the rotation. Isaiah Thomas could easily pair with either Holiday or Evans and the Pizza Man's ability to get to the line would help avoid long dry spells. Wilson Chandler has been on many Pelican fans' wishlists for an age.

Beyond that, it really makes the Pelicans more flexible going forward.

HPBasketball Trade

Do not get too hung up on the total salary outlay. That's actually a pretty nice roster with quality depth.

Would you swing for the fences on a big trade like this? Do you think the Pelicans "win" it? Let's hear it in the comments.