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Dearest NBA: At the All-Star Break, Anthony Davis is the MVP

An open (NSFW) letter rant to the NBA and anyone who thinks Anthony Davis is not the MVP at this point of the season

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Dearest NBA,

If you think someone besides AD is the MVP, then GTFO. Seriously, go, leave, and quit. You’re wrong. Facts and scientists say that you have zero chance of being right. You’re not about this basketball life.

Anthony Davis is the MVP, and he is 21 years old. This man can barely even drink libations, and he is already dominating your beloved so-called "teams" and so called "superstars." Are you afraid? Because you should be! You’re in for a lot more of this kind of play for about the next decade or so. In fact, Davis is so scary, that he literally trademarked the fear of himself.

Anthony Davis’ stat line is so freaking good that I won’t even say anything about it. I’ll just show you.

(Photo Source -

Never mind - do you see that PER?!?! It's at the WTF level of 31.8. Let me put that in perspective for you. That is higher than any PER garnered by Lebron James in any of his MVP winning seasons. Do you know what the highest PER on record ever is? It was the evolutionary Wilt Chamberlin with a PER or 31.82. The last person to have the league highest PER and not win the MVP was formerly New Orleans’ Christopher Paul, who lost the (lifetime achievement) award to Kobe Bryant in the 2008-2009 season.

Oh! What's that? You think James Harden is the MVP? You mean that guy who had to be chastised for an entire summer in order for him to start playing half-a$$ defense.

What about Steph Curry with the shot you proclaim. Well you must have missed AD with that block.

Want to trot out LeBron James? Here is what LeBron James does to his coach, David Blatt

Here is what Anthony Davis does to his coach, Monty Williams

"I just think that there are other guys who have played better and have had more impact on winning."

- Jeff Van Gundy

Finally, NBA, you play your trump card. "But what if the Pelicans don’t make the playoffs? Then we can’t give it to Anthony Davis on principle alone, right?" WRONG! Davis is in 10th in rebound rate, 4th in points scored per a game, and number one in blocks. Statistically speaking, AD’s year probably matches up closest with what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did during his 1975-76 MVP season with the LA Lakers. That season, Kareem was also in the top 10 in points, rebounds, and blocks, sporting an admirable 27.2 PER. Oh, by the way, the Lakers sported a losing record that year, finishing at 40-42.

Using the playoffs as a disqualifier is antiquated, arbitrary, and just plain stupid. And if you use the playoffs as a disqualifier, by the transverse property, you must also be all of those things. Whatever player you want to throw out, or excuse you want to make in order to deny Anthony Davis the MVP is not valid. Anthony Davis isn’t the future; Davis is the right (bleeping) now.

Now, let me find out you didn’t vote for Anthony Davis.


Joseph D. Billiot,

The Sane Rational Peoples of Earth,

& (I’m Assuming) Every Other Pelicans' Fan