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Sunday Discussion: Likelihood of Anthony Davis Winning the MVP

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, in a Sports Illustrated interview, Anthony Davis stated that his mid-season MVP would be either Stephen Curry or James Harden.

"Both of them guys are doing tremendous things and winning."

When asked if he would put himself into that conversation, Davis said that he doesn't like to talk about himself, as he's more of a team guy, and the media can have that honor. Obviously, everyone has already gone ahead and done that, but what are AD's realistic chances on bringing home the top individual honor at season's end?

Over New Orleans remaining 29 game schedule, most, if not all, sportscasters and writers with a vote will closely be monitoring the Pelicans W/L record. As gleamed from above, MVP's are universally tied team success.

The apparent question is just how much success is necessary. Many have alluded to the fact the Pelicans will need to make the playoffs. With New Orleans only 1.5 games behind such an occurance, most authors have put Davis right in the thick of the race. While that's great news, it appears to be rather optimistic.

Player PER WS/48 Team W/L Finish in Conf. Standings
2014 Kevin Durant 29.8 .295 59-23 2nd
2013 Lebron James 31.6 .322 66-16 1st
2012 Lebron James 30.7 .298 46-20 2nd
2011 Derrick Rose 23.5 .208 62-20 1st
2010 Lebron James 31.1 .299 61-21 1st
2009 Lebron James 31.7 .318 66-16 1st
2008 Kobe Bryant 24.2 .208 57-25 1st
2007 Dirk Nowitzki 27.6 .278 67-15 1st
2006 Steve Nash 23.3 .212 54-28 2nd
2005 Steve Nash 22.0 .203 62-20 1st
2004 Kevin Garnett 29.4 .272 58-24 1st
2003 Tim Duncan 26.9 .248 60-22 1st
2002 Tim Duncan 27.0 .257 58-24 2nd
2001 Allen Iverson 24.0 .190 56-26 1st
2000 Shaquille O'Neal 30.6 .283 67-15 1st

In just looking at the data since the turn of the millennium, it's not preferred that a player's team finish in the top 2 within their conference, it's been mandatory.

There is no doubt Anthony Davis is having a historically fantastic season: a 31.8 PER and a .291 WS/48. However, it's not leaps and bounds better than anything we've seen the last 15 years, so unless the Pelicans somehow manage to go a ridiculous 27-2 after the All-Star break (to get to 54 wins, the lowest team win total from the list above), Davis' first MVP will have to wait for now.

As a sidenote, I would have to urge that the Rockets get in gear and finish stronger up the standings. They are currently in fourth, and if history is any indicator, Harden is just as much on the outside looking in as as the Brow.