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Quincy Pondexter's delayed return could be cause for concern

The Pelicans interest in Solomon Hill might be a precursor to some upcoming bad news.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, it was reported that the Pelicans were one of several teams interested in acquiring Solomon Hill. Although we learned the Pelicans were merely inquiring about his services, lost amid the news was one very important issue: what happened to Quincy Pondexter and a November return?

Were Pondexter back in the rotation or expected in the near future, would New Orleans really be interested in pursuing another small forward with Luke Babbitt and Dante Cunningham already on the team?

If necessary, help me, but I think the answer should be a resounding no because it doesn't add up. Back at the start of September, Pondexter described his rehabilitation as such:

Q-Pon described his knee rehabilitation as moving "slow but it's coming along really well." He would go on to add, "I hope to not miss much time if any time at all."

I'm not a fan of the word, hope, but the news didn't sound too ominous. During the second week of the regular season, Pondexter was seen shooting and cutting but remained unable to participate in contact drills. Now, we're a month removed from promising court action and closer to two months of a perceived November return per Alvin Gentry.

If Pondexter has not suffered a setback, why did he not return as originally scheduled? Why has the front office not issued any recent news? And most damning, why are the Pelicans considering on pursuing another NBA small forward?

Like you, I really hope for the best, but the lines do not connect well. Even Q-Pon's twitter has become cryptic.

Prior to two days ago, most figured his journey from injury was nearing an end and that faith was no longer required. Now, he's talking about more motivation?

I hate to even think it, but Pondexter's 2015-16 season may never start before it ends.