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Pelicans survive late game LeBron, snap losing streak with 114-108 victory over Cavaliers

A win. An overtime win!

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

So I'll leave you with what I started writing right before LeBron James went supernova:

"I think it's safe to say that tonight's performance was one of the better ones this year, no? New Orleans' defense really kicked up in the third quarter, but I found the intensity beginning to kick in the first quarter. After Cleveland's 6-6 start from the field, they went 3-11 to end the quarter. Some of that was J.R. Smith magic early from Cleveland, but New Orleans' defense did really well in the first and that contributed in climbing out of an early hole."

This is what I originally had before LeBron James went all LeBron James in the fourth quarter. 23 points in the fourth quarter for LeBron, attacking the rim and finishing without much resistance and burying a jumper against an Omer Asik isolation. Outside of the one steal and finish on an errant Tyreke Evans pass - could argue he fouled Gordon as he went for the ball - LeBron turned it on and the game went to overtime.

Anthony Davis became Superman in overtime. The Pelicans were reeling after the LeBron onslaught, but Davis, who gave the Pelicans a lead late in the fourth, came alive, hitting three of his four  shots in overtime and pulling New Orleans through the extra quarter trudge against Cleveland. It was Davis' fifth 30/10 performance of the season, which leads the league.

I think it's fair to say that before LeBron James decided that the Cavaliers were leaving the Crescent City with a victory, the Pelicans played a really good game. No really, I swear. Offensively, the ball was flying around, Tyreke Evans was properly balancing the offense, Eric Gordon, who started, was good spacing the floor with Ryan Anderson and everything looked great.

I'll save the rest a bit for the game recap coming up for a bit. For now, I'll leave you with Jrue's game-tying shot.