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Alvin Gentry breaks down the disappointment of Pelicans 4-15 record

As mentioned in the latest recap, good glimpses exist but the Pelicans need to make it the new norm.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday on the Alvin Gentry Show, the Pelicans head coach went into detail regarding the team's 4-15 record.

"It's been really disappointing up to this point. We're starting to get people healthy, but we've got to start playing better basketball. We've had glimpses of what we can be, but we haven't had the consistency we need to win games."

Gentry would go on to breakdown particular negatives.

"We've done a good job defensively. Our biggest problem is that we're not finishing possessions. When we don't finish possessions we end up giving up offensive rebounds. Now we gotta go back and play another 24 seconds of defense, and that's what has really gotten us in trouble. We've got to be more consistent in our effort and more consistent in finishing the possessions so that we do come up with the rebound."

"The other thing is we've had trouble keeping the ball out of the paint. We have got to do a much better job on our individual defense of guarding people and being able to contain the dribbler and making it so that's ball-you-man and the rim. We haven't done a very good job of that."

However, Gentry saw improvement against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

"We did great defensively. They shot under 42%. But our problem was that we turned over the ball so much. I think we had 23 turnovers for 27 points. When you turn the ball over that much, there is no defense for that."

Gentry would go on to blame the turnovers on carelessness and bad decision-making.

As far as shot selection, Gentry defends his system isn't in conflict with itself. Many see a host of great penetrating guards and the more successful quarters involved a lot of points in the paint, but the team shoots a lot of three-pointers.

"No, as a matter of fact on the teams I've coached, we've always been one of the best teams as far as scoring in the paint because of the dribble penetration. I think one of the things we have to do here is that we've got to get to the point where the ball is moving, the dribble penetration is there, if they have rim protection, then we have to look to kick the ball out for three-point shots. We have not done that really with the turnovers that we've had. It takes away any chance of getting into any kind of flow."

In that last few games, the Pelicans have gotten off to good first quarter starts that were marked by fantastic scoring due to exceptional ball movement. Sean Kelley asked whether this could become a signature for the team.

Gentry replied, "That's what we have to establish, and that's what I was telling our players is that, you know, we get off to those good starts, what our reputation is right now is that everybody says, 'oh just hang in there, they'll let you back into the game.' We have to become a team that when we have a lead like that, we build on a lead like that. We can't take a couple of possessions off here and there because it can turn so quickly in this league."