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Alvin Gentry considering changes to starting lineup

The current group of starters often get the team in early deficits. Could Dante Cunningham replace Alonzo Gee?

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans starting lineup of Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Alonzo Gee, Anthony Davis and Omer Asik has been putrid. Over the span of 12 games, the group has a -13.3 net rating. A unit that is supposedly together for defensive purposes has a 117.2 defensive rating. For reference, the Pelicans team defensive rating, ranked 29th in the league, sits at a DRtg of 107.9.

Before Christmas, David made a plea for the New Orleans Pelicans to make changes to the starting lineup. However, a stretch that saw the team go 4-2 before their most recent loss to the Magic likely postponed it. With the thrashing in Orlando, though, today's news of Alvin Gentry considering changes to the starting lineup should not be the least bit surprising.

Undoubtedly, Quincy Pondexter not suiting up once yet this season has affected the situation. He is the most well-rounded small forward in New Orleans, and the only legitimate 3-and-D player on the roster. Both Alonzo Gee and Dante Cunningham simply do not supply enough offense. Even though DC has shown an ability to hit the outside shot, it normally takes a perfectly wide-open look for him to shoot it. On the flip side, Luke Babbitt is strictly an offensive orientated player.

The obvious choice to the lineup would be to have as many of the finishing five together as possible. A group of Evans-Gordon-Jrue Holiday-Davis-Ryan Anderson has a positive net rating of +34.2! Yet, Gentry stated today he would prefer to keep Holiday and Anderson with the reserves.

If I had to make an educated guess, Gee will be replaced by Cunningham until Pondexter returns. In 10 minutes of action, a lineup of Evans-Gordon-Cunningham-Davis-Asik have a sparkling +33.3 net rating which includes a 94.0 defensive rating.