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Anthony Davis is going to get assistance handling his taxes

Davis has partnered up with another nationally known company, but this time it's not affiliated with the sports business.

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Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis is already a well-recognized figure and responsible for drawing greater attention to the New Orleans Pelicans. He has partnered up with Nike and Red Bull, had his famous Unibrow trademarked and appeared on television like the Late Late Show with James Corden.

However, he doesn't say yes to everybody. For instance, when Dancing with the Stars came calling, he said thanks but no thanks.

Today, H&R Block will announce they will be Davis' newest business partner. According to their chief marketing officer, he was the perfect option.

"He's got the right work ethic. He's exactly what we look for and how we want our brand represented. We were looking for somebody who was a rising star and somebody we thought would have the right personality."

As for Davis, the choice was even easier. As his investment portfolio grows and becomes more complex by the day, he needs adept professionals to keep all of his affairs in order.

"It was a hassle dealing with taxes. It gets complicated."

For the first time in his career, Davis will be branching out beyond the sports market.

"You get paid for basketball, but that's a small market. You always want someone you can work with and be on the same team to build your brand and build theirs as well. You want to expand your brand with great companies."

Look for commercials to start airing soon, and not necessarily during sports programming. In his first shoot, Davis will be seen wearing a bow-tie. He claims that he looks good, but it's best the fans remain the judges.

I'm sure it's already dawned on a number of you, but it seems logical that H&R Block start highlighting all Anthony Davis epic blocks on a monthly, weekly or perhaps even a nightly basis. Whether in arenas, televised games or commercial spots outside of typical programming.

Either way, get ready fans. We're going to be seeing more of Anthony Davis in the near future.