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Mavericks hand the Pelicans another loss, 107-98

Injuries or not, losing has quickly become a way of life for New Orleans.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Pelicans losing streak has now stretched to six long games. The last time they won a regular season game was back on April 15th... against the Spurs... to make the playoffs... one season ago. Sadly, the postseason seems like a far-fetched notion at this point.

Considering their new normal, New Orleans played well enough to win after three quarters. Then the fourth quarter happened and the Mavericks tore through the Pelicans like a wet paper bag. Dirk Nowitzki was a big reason why as he contributed a quick 7 points and was a perfect 6-6 from the field in the 2nd half. The Pelicans would make a run, but the closest they came was 6 points.

Excuses have quickly become redundant, but this one makes a lot of sense if you're still an optimist. Following halftime, the energy level on Dallas' side was noticeably higher, and with the Pelicans playing on a back-to-back and limited to 9 healthy players, the job simply became too difficult.

Anthony Davis (25 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists), Ryan Anderson (21 points, 9 rebounds) and Eric Gordon (21 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists) carried the Pelicans. As you may have surmised, no one else showed up. The remaining six Pelicans combined for 31 points -- not nearly enough.

The Mavericks were led by Deron Williams' 19 but they had 4 other players in double figures including Dirk (18) and Dwight Powell (15).

Stay tuned for the full recap. I won't sugarcoat much, I promise.

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