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Is this as low as it gets for the New Orleans Pelicans in Power Rankings?

Only the Philadelphia 76ers are worse according to three different national writers.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

From visions of reaching 50 wins to the absolute bottom of the barrel. The New Orleans Pelicans were on top of the world just two months ago and it has all come crashing down around Anthony Davis and Alvin Gentry. Sure, Davis is still putting up an amazing stat line. If a sacrifice in points or rebounds could turn a few of those losses into wins Davis wouldn't think twice.

The Pelicans were actually better this week than last, tallying their first win and leading at halftime in four consecutive games. The second half, sadly, is a thing that exists and New Orleans has been unable to sustain their success in the first 24 minutes. To demonstrate the Pelicans posted a +15.2 net rating in the first half this week, good for fifth best in the NBA. The second half is a completely different story; a -26.1 net rating. The absolute worst in the league by a country mile.

In case you missed it check out this excellent look into the defensive miscues by nikkoewan.

How low can the Pelicans go? Might the 76ers pass them soon? Let's see what four national power rankers have to say.

Last Week: 28 - This Week: 29

The Pelicans got their first win, but last week's three losses dropped them to 0-5 against the Eastern Conference. If that sounds familiar, it's because last season, they started 8-13 against the East, not a good look when you're competing for a playoff spot in what's supposed to be the stronger conference. Their next nine games are against the West, but that stretch includes three more back-to-backs.


Last Week: 22 - This Week: 29

The banged-up Pelicans' matinee defeat at MSG marked the first game this season in which they managed to hold the opposition below 100 points. Anthony Davis' injury absence (hip) lasted only two games, but all the injuries have led to the Pels' worst start since the 2004-05 squad opened 1-19 -- en route to drafting Chris Paul.

Sports Illustrated

Last Week: 24 - This Week: 27

The frustration continues in New Orleans, and 10 games in, this is a pretty deep hole. Alvin Gentry discussed a needed shift to a team-first mentality this week, the offense has been disjointed, and remember: this is all happening without Tyreke Evans.

CBS Sports

Last Week: 28 - This Week: 29

Blink, and you're in an eight-game hole. The West isn't running away from them, so much as the Pelicans are punch-drunkenly staggering backward away from the pack. You can blame injuries but it doesn't change the reality.

News of Note

The Pelicans are bad and should feel bad. Tonight they try to get things back on track against the Denver Nuggets. This injured list is awful and sad.