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Jeff Adrien has the inside track to land one of the Pelicans open roster spots

A recent string of injuries are but just one of the reasons Adrien has a golden opportunity to have his contract guaranteed with New Orleans.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Adrien has bounced around the NBA for years. Upon finishing his career at the University of Connecticut, he wasn't sure he'd even get that opportunity. Adrien wasn't selected in the 2009 NBA draft so he left for Europe to play in the Spanish league. For the next 6 years, he bounced around not only within the NBA but the entire continent. In addition to playing in Spain, he also spent time in Italy and China.

Adrien has had moments with five different NBA teams before arriving in New Orleans on a non-guaranteed deal. He had his most productive season several years ago when he appeared in 961 minutes for both the Hornets and Bucks and posted an above average 17.4 PER, giving plenty of indication why he continues to receive so many trials with various organizations.

Despite the miles traveled dwarfing the league minutes played, Dell Demps has had his eye on Adrien for some time now. According to Adrien's interview following yesterday's practice, the Pelicans were interested in bringing him to New Orleans at the start of last season.

"Well, I realized it's the part of a plan. It's part of my plan. I had a chance to come here last year and sign a deal with them. I went with Houston {instead}. To have the opportunity for New Orleans to come back, it showed tremendous interest in me."

So, in addition to the Pelicans looking to significantly increase the pace of play under new head coach Alvin Gentry, and the fact the team has lost two centers to injury the past week, there has never been a better time for Demps to bring a wishlist of his to the Crescent City.

One doesn't have to be a mind reader to realize the stars seem to be aligning themselves perfectly for Jeff Adrien this preseason. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, he appears well on his way of having his contract guaranteed in the near future.