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New Orleans Pelicans waive Nate Robinson, launch manhunt for NBA caliber point guards

Farewell Krypto-Nate. We hardly knew ye.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans announced moments ago that they are waiving point guard Nate Robinson. Robinson has been completely underwhelming during two regular season games and was passed quickly by Ish Smith in the past two days. Their roster stands at 14 with the ability to add one more player. Should at least four players miss Saturday's game against the Golden State Warriors due to injury the Pelicans can apply for a hardship waiver, allowing their roster to increase to 16 players.

Who is going to replace Robinson on the roster by Saturday? There is not much evidence to predict an outcome there. Smith and Jrue Holiday are not enough at point guard for now. Norris Cole (high ankle sprain) and Tyreke Evans (knee surgery) appear to be out a couple more weeks at least. It would be a surprise if anyone other than another point guard was added to the roster at this point in time.

The schedule does provide a little bit of time before a point guard will be required. The Pelicans have back-to-backs on November 6th and 7th (Atlanta Hawks then at Dallas Mavericks) and 10th and 11th (Mavericks then at Hawks) where Jrue Holiday should remain on his recovery protocol. Expect whomever the next guard is to be in the facility some time today and ideally signed in time to participate in practice on Friday.

EDIT: Welcome back old pal Toney Douglas?