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Forecasting Dell Demps' chances of sitting on the hot seat

Monty Williams may be gone, but could Dell Demps still suffer the same fate?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Is Dell Demps still on the hot seat? Should he be?

Jason AlbertI don't believe that Dell Demps is on the hot seat. He has made some moves that aren't panning out quite has planned, however, he did just sign Davis to a 5-year extension, and bring in a new coaching staff led by Alvin Gentry and Darren Erman.

Joseph BilliotDell Demps isn't on the hot seat. Anthony Davis ensured that when he signed his contract extension at 12:00:01 A.M.

Chris CucchiaraBarring a 2015-16 disaster, Dell will be safe this year and next so that his vision can be realized.  The way this roster was constructed, contractually, many of the major contracts will expire after 2016-17. If the team is doing well and improving year after year, he should be allowed to create a new roster around Anthony Davis.

However, I can envision a scenario where injuries destroy New Orleans this season, they struggle to make the playoffs (or miss entirely) and get swept in the first round again and the Pelicans' brass decides to let Dell go before allowing him to commit any more future dollars to the salary cap.

Jamile DunnNope, he was never on the hot seat for me. I've gone on record as saying he is a top 10 GM in the NBA, and apparently his peers agree as evidenced by Demps finishing 10th in the executive of the year voting last season.

Peyton FineNo, Dell Demps is not on the hot seat, nor should he be. He signed the best building block in the NBA to a max extension. That in itself is better than any acquisition that any other GM made this summer.

I am still a little skeptical of the Asik and Ajinca signings together, but he deserves the chance to finally build the team with a coach who seemingly shares his philosophy. If this year goes poorly, we can talk again, but for now, I'm all behind Dell.

Quentin HaynesNope and maybe? I've been adamant that I think you can both put together a good team while getting young guys time at the back of the rotation. The lack of "upside" on the roster is a bit alarming. Even the young guys are "NBA old" to me.

I think Demps got his team to the playoffs and has made moves to ensure this team remains good for a long time, but injuries have ruined the plan for the time being. The only I see him being fired next season is if all his moves -- mainly Asik -- backfire and Davis takes a leap, because then you start to question if he can build a good team, which is unfair, but life.

Will HibertTo a degree. If the team gets off to a slow start, I do not see him getting fired midway through the season, however; if the team misses the playoffs completely or is again swept in the first round, he may be be gone.

Oleh Kosel: Yes, although I've repeatedly gone on record the last few years stating that Dell Demps' name should never be associated with the hot seat. He is directly responsible for assembling a talented roster around Anthony Davis without having to go through the growing pains of the NBA draft.

However, if a good deal of New Orleans core is again held down by injury and the Pelicans record suffers, or worse, they miss the playoffs, a new general manager could take his place. Professional sports are a results-driven environment. Injury excuses, even though unfair, can sometimes test the patience of an owner for only so long.