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The New Orleans Pelicans may be forced to look for help in the trade market

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Do you think the Pelicans will make any significant trades before the 2016 trade deadline? Name a target or two that should be on the team's radar.

Jason AlbertNo. However I do think that they should have their eyes set on possibly acquiring Kevin Durant this off-season or Joakim Noah. Even better, try and pry Andre Drummond out of Detroit in 2017.

Joseph BilliotYes, with one caveat. A significant trade to me is one that "moves" the proverbial needle. Dell Demps trading for Norris Cole and Quincy Pondexter didn't seem like significant trades at the time, but they made the Pelicans team significantly better. So yes, Dell makes a "significant" trade, but that doesn't mean it will be for a high profile player.

Chris CucchiaraRyan Anderson will be traded to Phoenix for either PJ Tucker or Markieff Morris during the season. I believe this will happen from Anderson's point of view because his contract is expiring and I do not think that the Pelicans will sign him to a new contract at a greater rate because of his defensive issues. Morris is a possibility because of his general unhappiness in Phoenix. Morris' contract is similar to Anderson's now, but with the cap jump, Morris' contract could become somewhat of a steal.

Tucker may be getting left behind in Phoenix, and he has been rumored to be a trade candidate. He comes with one more year on his contract at $5.3 million which is a great contract with the cap jump. Both of these moves would restrict the Pelicans in the future somewhat because they would be adding salary to their future, hence hurt their chances at adding a max-type of player. On the flip side, New Orleans will not be able to go out and sign a player of equal skill to a similar bottom line the following off-season.

Jamile DunnI don't think it's likely that the team makes any major in-season changes, but I could see them picking up some veteran grit. If Cunningham, Gee, and Babbit don't perform well early in the season, I envision the Pelicans making a push for P.J. Tucker. Dell Demps had interest when Tucker was a free agent but the Suns resigned the player quickly.

The Suns will struggle this season and when they do there is no place for a 3&D glue guy on a lottery team. With Devin Booker and T.J. Warren waiting in the wings, I could see Phoenix sending Tucker out for a second round pick and some trade fillers, probably as a part of a three team deal.

Peyton FineI don't think the Pelicans make a big trade before the deadline; it just hasn't been Dell's M.O. in the past. I am sure he will make some sneaky good moves like last year's Cole and Pondexter trade. However, I would see if Andre Drummond could be on the table.

Detroit is selling his decision to delay an extension as a possible favor to the team to allow them to maintain cap space into the summer and the re-sign Drummond using Bird Rights. I'm not so convinced. Float an offer out there to see if Drummond could be had. Over 70% of his field goals come with fewer than 2 dribbles, which keeps the ball in Davis's hands, and almost 50% of his shots go up in the first ten seconds of a possession, which meshes well with Gentry. And, he is only 21 and a true center who could work alongside Davis for years to come.

Quentin HaynesUpside, you go for upside. I think trading for an established guy in effort to win in 2016 isn't the way to go at all. If the Pelicans are going to make a major move at the trade deadline, I think you go the other way: add a young rotation piece or two and hit 2016 free agency hard.

Players that fit that criteria? I really like Ben McLemore from Sacramento. The Kings are crazy and the Pelicans have vets to make that work. Phoenix has T.J. Warren and Archie Goodwin and Memphis has Jordan Adams and Jarnell Stokes. I would rather see the team go out and take a chance on youth. Get some more 2016 cap space to entice free agents, rather than moving pieces for say Joe Johnson.

Will HibertNo. I think it will take awhile for the team to fully grasp Gentry's concepts and gel, especially considering the current injuries. Dell will want to see how they pan out before pulling something major. That being said, I wouldn't be totally shocked if Gordon or Anderson were moved if Dell was presented with a can't-miss option to plug the hole on the wing.

Oleh Kosel: Common knowledge dictates teams sit on as much cap space as possible heading into the next free agency. However, while other general managers will be dodging, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Dell Demps take advantage of a tighter market and land a helpful player(s) for the right price, especially if injuries continue to hamper the squad.

One possible scenario could involve Nicolas Batum. He was reportedly not too thrilled about being traded to Charlotte, and if the Hornets fail to meet expectations, Michael Jordan may move him before the deadline to avoid losing him for nothing in the next free agency.

A couple of smaller splashes could involve the Pelicans chasing Terrence Ross or Ben McLemore, two players who have fallen a bit out of favor with their respected franchises.