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Making some bold predictions about the New Orleans Pelicans

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

List one bold prediction, whether that's for the team or an individual player. Why do you believe it possible?

Jason AlbertEric Gordon averages 18 points on 45% three-point shooting because of Alvin Gentry's system and the threat of an ever-looming Anthony Davis pick and roll.

Joseph BilliotRyan Anderson will be one of, if not the most, improved player in the NBA this season. His skill set meshes well with Gentry's high paced offense. Plus, I envision him being less of a liability on defense because teams will have to go smaller to keep up with the high paced Pelicans offense.

Chris CucchiaraAnthony Davis will have a PER of 33. This will be possible because a) Anthony Davis is a sci-fi monster hell bent on destroying anything we thought we knew about basketball and b) the Pels will be rolling out lineups without Tyreke, QPon, Cole, Ajinca and Jrue on a minutes restriction.

For instance, Davis will have to score lots because who else will?  Here is the formula: Gentry Offense + AD Basketball God + Lack of NBA Talent Due to Injury = AD PER 33>.

Jamile DunnAlonzo Gee morphs into P.J. Tucker. Gee has a reputation as a solid defender and while he has a career 32.5% three point percentage, his career percentage from the corner is 54%. I don't think it was a coincidence that Demps brought in Gee as the corner three is an important part of Alvin Gentry's offense. If Dante Cunningham struggles to extend his range, look for Gee to steal those minutes and become a fan darling.

Peyton FineKendrick Perkins will play more minutes than Alexis Ajinca, and it will be a good thing. Part of this will be due to injuries, which we are already seeing, but part of this will be due to the attitude that Perkins can bring. He will protect Davis and provide a better defensive presence than Ajinca.

I also think Perkins's fall has been overly exaggerated, and he has more in the tank than people realize. He wants to play and win, and I think that's exactly what he will do.

Quentin HaynesAnthony Davis takes the conch and becomes the league's best player. He wins MVP, puts together a 26-12-5 season with improved defense and shows a budding three-point game (34% on, say, 80 attempts).

He showed last season that he's the next guy, but there were things he needed to refine (I think he's a tad overrated defensively). This year, he refines them, the new system opens his offensive game, which helps his defensive game and we're looking at the next Kevin Garnett, hopefully Tim Duncan-esque player for the next 10-14 years.

Will HibertAnthony Davis leads the league in scoring. I think the myriad of injuries to other key guys, the increased pace, and Westbrook and Durant cannibalizing each other a bit allows AD to top out the league.

David Fisher: Jrue Holiday will play 70+ games this season. The long term plan to limit Holiday's minutes, combined with the added cooperation between the Pelicans training staff and Holiday's personal trainer will be a success. Holiday played at least 73 games (adjusting for the lockout season) in his first four seasons. He'll get back to his durable ways this season.

Oleh Kosel: Anthony Davis wins the 2016 Most Valuable Player Award despite the New Orleans Pelicans finishing outside of the top 2 seeds in the Western Conference. According to history, the odds are noticeably not on his side; however, I believe a Davis explosion is coming this season.

Alvin Gentry's uptempo offense presenting more opportunities, the Pelicans' preseason injuries furthering a fast start by AD and a continued growth in his skill set are just several factors that could make the unlikely, likely. A 34.8 Usage percentage through 6 games of the preseason echoes Davis is on the right track.

Let's hear some other bold predictions in the comments section below!