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Luke Babbitt joins the MIAs; Pelicans sign Nate Robinson; Apocalypse scheduled for next week

The S.O.S. is real and it's getting old fast!!!

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The hits keep on coming. Since the start of October, it seems like every day brings news of another injury or an additional signing. Just yesterday, David went through the list of the walking wounded. It's already out of date.

Today, the Pelicans announced two more personnel tidbits: Luke Babbitt will miss an undisclosed period of time due to a hamstring strain and Nate Robinson was signed to a one-year veterans minimum deal. According to John Reid, Nate Rob's deal is unguaranteed.

Dell Demps and his busy bees have got to be running low on their blank contract copies by now. Sheesh. So, has the remaining roster become accustomed to practices beginning with a 5 minute introduction from the newest new guy? Does a grim reaper run across the court cackling, "guess who's not among us now?"

Out of the team's 13 guaranteed contracts, 9 have missed time since the end of training camp. Okay, okay, you caught me. Alonzo Gee missed a few days due to personal reasons. Jrue Holiday has had no recent setbacks. Maybe I should have included the words, in some capacity. Anyways, 7 sustained injuries within two weeks of one another are nothing to be alarmed over... Say, wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut?!?

If I'm Anthony Davis, Dante Cunningham, Ryan Anderson and Kendrick Perkins, I'm not walking out onto the court without at least three layers of bubble wrap, a visit to the Catholic Church for an exorcism and a voodoo cleansing from a relative of Marie Laveau. Maybe the Pelicans brass need to restrict the entire roster in a similar manner to Jrue Holiday. Hey, the player who has had issues with his legs the last three seasons is still standing.

Anyways, to maintain some semblance of a legitimate roster in Mudville, the team announced they have brought Nate Robinson, the enigmatic and well-traveled point guard, to New Orleans.

Anything that shows more life than a corpse would help the Pelicans at this point. At least for those who always wondered how Pierre Jackson might have looked in a Pelicans jersey, now get their chance. Sort of. Demps once made the following comment:

"Pierre is one of those tough, small point guards who can just change the game and impact the game with his speed and quickness. We think he’s a really good penetrator and a good shooter. It’s going to be fun to watch him grow and develop."

Problem is that Nate Robinson doesn't fit the description anymore. For starters, he's done growing and developing. He's 31 and his production slipped significantly last season. With both the Clippers and Nuggets, he was a trainwreck, posting a combined 10.6 PER and a 34.5 FG%. Either his skills have noticeably degraded or his passion for the game has evaporated. For weeks now, he's been reportedly contemplating a trip to China.

Apparently, the Pelicans have suspended his stay of execution. They need to kick his old tires because they're flat out of Goodyear's, Michelin's and all other premium brands. Just remember, Doc Rivers and the Clippers chose Lester Hudson over Krypto-Nate for the 15th spot on last season's playoff roster, a bench that many considered to be a dumpster fire.