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NBA 2K16: The Pelicans are involved in a face-slapping glitch

Realistically speaking, would Alexis Ajinca publicly slap Ryan Anderson multiple times across the face for missing a defensive assignment?

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Late last month, NBA 2K16 was released much to the delight of it's fans. As to where NBA Live 16 dropped the ball, 2K16 was supposed to be the most realistic basketball simulation on the market today. That's why this footage below is so confusing.

While playing the new video game, Quincy Acy came across an apparent bug and posted a video of it on his Instagram account.

After Alexis Ajinca fouls Kosta Koufos, he and Ryan Anderson engage in a confrontation that results in Ajinca slapping Anderson across the face numerous times. Not surprisingly, Anderson decides to not fight back, conceivably acknowledging his error.

Seriously though, fans are fully aware of the Pelicans defensive shortcomings last season, but their issues not once resulted in personnel resorting to physical violence on the court.

According to a quick google search, there haven't been too many errors detected in NBA 2K16 yet. None certainly as disheartening as watching one player assault a fellow teammate.

bro 2K got boys out here slapping teammates, I guess he shoulda had help side

A video posted by Quincy Acy (@quincyacy) on

It will be curious to learn whether this glitch afflicts any of the other 29 teams. Perhaps it signifies that one of the designers at Visual Concepts holds a grudge against the New Orleans organization.

We do know, though, that Ajinca has decided to have some fun amid the controversy.

Stay tuned for any dramatic updates!