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2015 Training Camp: Jrue Holiday pain free since June

Some good news?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The health and availability of point guard Jrue Holiday hung over the New Orleans Pelicans as training camp began. Holiday will be on a minutes restriction through January to properly manage his troublesome tibia. Jrue's trainer Mike Guevara did an interview with our own Oleh Kosel on Holiday's progress and plan for the future.

Now for some good news. Just this afternoon Times-Picayune reporter John Reid published an interview with the man himself. Holiday, while experiencing some soreness, has been pain-free since January.

"I attended the World Cup and during that whole time (June 6-July 5), I haven't felt any pain," Holiday told reporters on Thursday after their morning practice at The Greenbrier. "I honestly haven't done anything either. I think the first time matter of fact I actually got on the anti-gravity treadmill and ran. Since the third week of June, I haven't felt anything."

"Even though the gravity treadmill takes a lot of pressure off your legs, I didn't feel anything. So from there, we kind of progressed and didn't take it too fast, even though I wanted to go and sprint right out the gate because I didn't feel anything."

It is certainly good news that Holiday has been pain-free for the last three months. Despite being pain-free I am glad to hear the Pelicans are going to move slowly on adding onto Holiday's workload.