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Looking at Numbers: The Good

Winning streaks are cause for celebration.

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For the first time this season, the Pelicans sit 3 games over the .500 mark (24-21), thanks in large part to their recent 4 game winning streak. Even though their record has hovered right around this demarcation line for the entire season, a lot of their accomplishments echo that they should be taken more seriously. (Thankfully, a few other sites are beginning to give New Orleans their due.)

  • The Pelicans are 15-5 in the Smoothie King Center. Only 3 Western Conference teams (GSW, MEM, POR) and the Hawks from the East have lost the same number of games or fewer at home. That's some exclusive company. No wonder we've come to enjoy calling our arena the Blender!
  • The Pelicans are 7-11 versus the current top-10 for a 38.9 winning percentage. Not impressed? Only 7 teams in the NBA have managed to do better: the Warriors, Hawks, Grizzlies, Spurs, Bulls, Suns and the Cavaliers.
  • Granted the Thunder went on to win their following nine games, but check out this fun Anthony Davis/Kevin Durant comparison:
  • The Pelicans are 6-4 in the Southwest Division. Not the Mavericks, Grizzlies, Rockets nor Spurs are even over the .500 mark. The last time a team within our division missed the playoffs with record of .500 or better against one another? The 2009-10 Houston Rockets.
  • The Pelicans are 17-11 (60.7%) against the Western Conference. Only the Warriors, Grizzlies, Clippers and Rockets have performed better within the conference.
The Pelicans have shown a penchant for certain statistics in their wins. Here are the most notable ones:
  • The Pelicans are 22-2 when they finish the game with a higher field goal percentage.
  • The Pelicans are 19-2 when they finish the game with more assists.
  • The Pelicans are 20-4 when leading at halftime (12-0 at home).
  • The Pelicans are 18-5 when they have a better 3-point percentage for the game.
  • The Pelicans are 22-8 when they score 95 or more points.
  • The Pelicans are 16-6 when leading after the 1st quarter (10-1 at home).
  • The Pelicans are 18-7 when they accumulate 6 or more blocks in the game.
  • The Pelicans are 16-7 when they have more defensive rebounds in the game.
There are a number of individual statistics several Pelicans are currently knocking on the door of the franchise record books. Not surprisingly, the Brow has his handprints all over this section.
  • Anthony Davis is currently averaging 24.5 points a game. Baron Davis is the current franchise PPG leader at 22.8 (2003-04).
  • Anthony Davis is currently averaging 2.9 blocks a game. Davis established the franchise record last season with 2.8 blocks a game.
  • Anthony Davis currently sports a 31.3 PER. Chris Paul is the current franchise PER leader at 30.0 (2008-09).
  • Anthony Davis is currently averaging 10.4 rebounds a game. Only Tyson Chandler has finished with a better per game average: 12.4 (2006-07) and 11.7 (2007-08). Omer Asik is averaging 10.1 rebounds a game. Not only would that place him 5th all time, but for the first time, the franchise would have two players with 10.0+ rebounds in the same season.
  • Anthony Davis currently has a .610 True Shooting Percentage. Only Tyson Chandler has bettered that mark: .632 (2007-08) and .620 (2006-07).
  • Anthony Davis currently has a turnover percentage of 6.5%. Only Peja Stojakovic posted with a better rate: 5.3% (2007-08) and 6.3% (2008-09).
  • Omer Asik currently has a 29.6 defensive rebounding percentage. Tyson Chandler is the franchise DREB% leader at 27.6%.
  • Jrue Holiday is currently averaging 7.1 assists a game. This figure would place him 9th all time.