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Pelicans Hold off the Wolves, 92-84

For those of you who have forgotten, it's called a winning streak!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since December 18th, the Pelicans have won two straight games. It took 18 long games. In addition, New Orleans had won only 3 of 10 games, including losing their last three, when Anthony Davis has had 20 or more shots this season.

Thankfully, both of these streaks ended in Minnesota tonight. The Pelicans never led by more than 10 in the game, and worse, they found themselves down that same figure just 3:24 into the game. However, they got their act together after yet another depressingly slow start.

Anthony Davis led the way with 21 points, but it took him an unusual 23 shots to get there. Eric Gordon continued his good play netting 20 points, 5 assists and 2 rebounds. Tyreke Evans had 17 and 8 assists.

In Ryan Anderson's void, Dante Cunningham stepped up his offensive production scoring 14 points. However, the bench was eerily quiet adding only 15 points between 4 players.

Stay tuned for Quentin's full recap later tonight. In the meantime, go celebrate the Pelicans win in the poll below. Geaux Pels!

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