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Anthony Davis, 2015 All-Star Western Conference Starting Forward

Despite the lack of national television exposure, fans have noticed and rewarded the Unibrow for this season's exploits.

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One year ago, there was plenty of controversy surrounding Anthony Davis's bid for the All Star game, despite the fact the venue was in New Orleans and his numbers fully warranted a selection. He was not initially selected, but he was rightfully added later as a replacement for an injured Kobe Bryant.

Fast forward to today, and there was not only no hint of doubt the Brow would appear in New York for this season's extravaganza, but that he would also be announced as one of the five Western Conference starters.

About the only issue that remained to be resolved was be the total number of votes AD would be able to display proudly on his mantle. In the latest results posted back on January 8th, he had widened his lead over his closest pursuer, Blake Griffin:

The big takeaway is the huge difference Anthony Davis, with 922,381 votes, has amassed over Blake Griffin for top Western Conference frontcourt player. Davis led Griffin by 328,739 votes in the second returns. Now that lead is 431,595.

Although he is just 21 years old, Anthony Davis currently sits 3rd in points per game (24.2), 8th in rebounds per game (10.4), 1st in blocks per game (2.9), 1st in Player Efficiency Rating (31.5) and 4th in turnover percentage (6.4%). In just his third season, many have already anointed him as the best two-way player in the NBA.

Anthony Davis will become just the 3rd player in our franchise to be selected to multiple All-Star games (Chris Paul, David West). He will be just the second player to ever start the big game, with the last occurrence coming in 2011 (Chris Paul).

UPDATE: Anthony Davis finished with 1,369,911 total votes. Marc Gasol came in second with 795,121 votes, and Blake Griffin third (700,615).

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