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Bird Feed: Pelicans Slip in Power Rankings

The Pelicans went 2-2 last week. If you reversed their wins and losses they probably don't fall nearly as far.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation

Down three to 16th.

Anthony Davis has been excellent all season, which is easily summed up with his inclusion in the chart showing the top-10 players in points per possession. He's doing so while carrying a huge percentage of the Pelicans' offense on his shoulders, which makes it all the more impressive. Even in high quantity, he's still playing with elite quality.

Down two to 16th.

The Brow-less Pelicans were the Jekyll and Hyde team of the weekend, losing in Philly and winning in Toronto. Maybe more time for Alexis Ajinca on Friday could have got them both games. Ajinca totaled 38 points (on 16-for-22 shooting) and 20 boards in the two games, and the Pels were a plus-27 in his 59 minutes. He might stick when Anthony Davis returns.


Steady at 14th.

Anthony Davis' toe injury is not believed to be serious. That we can say with more conviction than any attempts to try to explain how the Pels could win the stops in Detroit and Toronto last week -- with Jrue Holiday out for both and Davis gone for the latter -- and lose the stops in both Boston and Philly.

Sports Illustrated

Down one to 15th.

Injuries are pounding the Pelicans, but Monty Williams’ bunch found a way to beat the Raptors despite the absence of Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday. Tyreke Evans, who has been hobbled himself, poured in 26 points on 9-of-14 shooting and hit the game-winning basket.

Yahoo! Sports

Down two to 15th.

Anthony Davis could return from his foot injury Monday at New York. His next visit to New York will be as an All-Star.

CBS Sports

Down two to 16th.

They had no margin of error and then Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis got hurt. Honestly the playoffs are probably over for them. They can't string together a winning streak and they can't stay healthy. They aren't good enough to make it without great luck, and they've had pretty bad luck.

Stats of Note

The Pelicans are third in the entire league on offense out of timeouts. Third. Only the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers are better.