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Performance Rankings: Pelicans vs. Rockets

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Pelicans destroyed the Rockets tonight by a score of 111-83. The Pels never trailed in the game, and everybody on the active roster got to play.

Ryan Anderson led the way with 22 points and Tyreke Evans finished with 21. Anthony Davis was surprisingly quiet offensively, but he did have a number of nice hustle plays, defensive efforts and a few nifty passes. In all, ten Pelicans finished with 6 points or more, and everyone scored except for Russ Smith. However, he did have a wonderful spin move!

I'll have the full recap to you guys shortly. Until then, give the guys some love below. They've started 2015 and followed up the heart-wrenching New Year's Eve loss to the Spurs stronger than anyone could have imagined.

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