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Pelicans Pull Out Improbable Win Against Raptors

After building up a huge lead in the first half, the Pelicans choked it all away in less than a quarter. However they did make it interesting, and in fact...WON!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

This is getting too comical. After one of the worst games against the Sixers, the Pelicans played really well in the first half against the Raptors, leading 50-36 at halftime. Then the 3rd quarter happened.

The Pelicans were outscored by 21 points in just 12 minutes of play! Monty called a couple of timeouts, yet they failed to change the momentum. No Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday hurt, but just like the Philly game, it shouldn't have been that bad.

Alexis Ajinca was the best player on the floor and it was shocking he didn't get into the game until the 3:41 mark of the 3rd quarter, after his superb first half. In particular, it was very strange Monty didn't go to the twin tower look more often, Omer Asik and Ajinca. They played so well in the first half, and by the time he went to them in the 2nd half, the deficit was 10 with 5:16 to go in the game.

But WAIT! The Pelicans were able to fight through the adversity today!! 99.9% of the credit should go to the twin towers. That's right, Alexis Ajinca and Omer Asik absolutely dominated the game when they were on the floor together. They had a +25 +/- for the game.

Stay tuned for Matt Robinson's full recap a bit later.

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