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Bird Feed: Mixed Messages from Power Rankings

Up? Down? How about a dash of both?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation

Up two spots to 13th.

Anthony Davis' numbers are still amazing this season, but what might be most impressive is how effective he's been at the rim and from mid-range. Davis is shooting 73.2 percent from the restricted area (13.3 percent higher than league average), and 46.1 percent from mid-range (six percent higher than league average). He's also shooting nearly as many shots from outside the paint than he is at the rim, spreading his shot distribution evenly.

Down two spots to 14th.

The Pelicans are weird. They've won five of their last six games against other teams in the West's top 10, but have lost four straight against the East, blowing a 13-point, third-quarter lead in Charlotte on Wednesday. To stay competitive within the first group, they need to be successful against the second. A five-game trip against the East starts Monday.


Down one spot to 14th.

Only seven players have ever managed a PER of 30+ in a single season. Anthony Davis, at a robust 31.12, is on track to become just the fourth all-time at 6-foot-10 or taller, joining Shaq, David Robinson and Wilt. He'd also be the youngest at 21; T-Mac topped the 30 mark when he was 23 in 2002-03.

Sports Illustrated

Holding steady at 14th.

The Pelicans appear ready to cut their losses with Austin Rivers, a 2012 lottery pick who has failed to show much in his 2.5 seasons with New Orleans. The burden now falls on starting shooting guard Eric Gordon, who has also failed to meet expectations during his time in New Orleans, to carry the load.

Yahoo! Sports

Up one spot to 13th.

New Orleans has been hovering around .500 all season, but could make a run with Boston, Philadelphia and New York up next.

CBS Sports

Down one spot to 14th.

The Pelicans only really need one strong winning streak, a five or six-gamer, to sneak back into serious playoff contention. But they can't seem to string anything together. It's like they're running on netting, and even if they land their foot clean, when they pick it up, it gets caught and they trip.

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