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2015 NBA Playoffs First Round: Pelicans vs Warriors

Anthony Davis killed it in his first postseason

No matter what the Golden State Warriors threw at him, they were unable to significantly curb the Brow.

Capping a beautiful season a little crookedly

And a quick summation of the playoff series for the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Warriors close out the Pelicans, 109-98

For a young, resilient New Orleans squad, overcoming the heartbreaking loss of Game 3 appeared to have been too tall an order for most of the game, but you know what? The Pelicans never quit as evidenced by their fourth quarter gasp.

Game 4: Pelicans at Warriors Game Thread

Pelicans vs Warriors Game 4: A New Hope

The New Orleans Pelicans season is on the line against a superior opponent no one expects them to beat? Ok, so the status quo continues.

Pelicans continue search for elusive playoff win

Can the Pelicans salvage a win before the series ends?

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NBA Officiating Report: Game 3

A picture (or tweet, vine, etc) IS worth 1K words!

For better or worse, the sights and sounds inside the Smoothie King Center were special, both the spectacular and the gut-wrenching.

Pelicans Official Airing of Grievances

Here is your place to rant

Featured Fanshot

Can't fault Pierre the Pelican!

Pierre knew the importance of Game 3, and he tried to do everything within his power to help the Pelicans fetch a win.

Perhaps the Pelicans won big in Game 3?

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans learn how to close out a playoff game.....the hard way.

Making sense of Pelicans vs. Warriors Game 3

Hopefully this article helps to alleviate the pain. My emotions certainly went on the world's largest roller-coaster today, and I have still not totally recovered. This series is over, but there's plenty to be learned from this game, and, just maybe, it could help in the long run.

Quick Recap: Pelicans 119, Warriors 123

Of all the ways to lose a game, this ranks up there.

Game 3 Game Thread: Pelicans vs. Warriors

Can the Pelicans get a win in front of their home crowd?

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Let the good times roll!

Playoff Round Table: Pelicans vs. Warriors Game 3

The staff sits down to discuss incoming expectations and adjustments.

Game 3 Preview: Pelicans vs Warriors

Two competitive games in Oakland have raised expectations for Pelican fans. Can the team meet them with a victory in game three?

A closer look at Green's defense on Anthony Davis

The Golden State Warriors had the best defensive rating during the 2014-15 regular season and Draymond Green was a big part of the reason, but I'm not buying that he's morphed into some Davis-stopper.

Pelicans should be optimistic going into game 3

Coming home will be glorious for the Pelicans. It's all in the stats.

Pelicans vs Warriors Shot Selection Analysis

Taking a deep dive into the SportVU data through two games.

Featured Fanshot

Anthony Davis isn't clutch according to Skip Bayless

Well I guess Bayless missed the memo. Here's a video to help him out.

It's Too Early to Bury the Pelicans

New Orleans is down 0-2 in their first round series with Golden State, but don't make the mistake of getting down on this team.

Full recap: Warriors 97, Pelicans 87

0-2 hole, heading back to The Blender.

Quick Recap: Pelicans 87 - Warriors 97

The Pelicans played at a high level for 44 minutes. Then their relative inexperience reared its ugly head.

Game 2, Our Game 7

New Orleans needs to treat tonight like a desperation game.

Game 2: Pelicans at Warriors Game Thread

Can the Pelicans steal a split on their way back to the Crescent City? Time, TV schedule, radio, and more!

Pelicans have to go small against Warriors

Sorry Omer Asik and Alexis Ajinca, but Monty Williams HAS to break apart Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut if New Orleans has any legitimate chance of coming back and winning this first round series against Golden State.

NBA Playoffs: Pelicans at Warriors Game 2 Preview

After a tough game, but one that saw the Pelicans fight back in the second half, can the Pelicans use that momentum to take Game 2?

Tyreke Evans listed as questionable for game 2

The story according to Evans is different, however.

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Anthony Davis too good for the Warriors?

Anthony Davis Playoff Debut Highlight Video

The Pelicans did not win but Davis got his feet under him after a couple rough quarters.

Pelicans breakdown on defense against Warriors

Thankfully, a number of issues here are failures of execution, not ability.