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2015-16 New Orleans Pelicans Player Reviews

2016 Player Season Review: Alexis Ajinca

After a semi-breakout in 2015, the Frenchman was nowhere to be found this season.

2016 Player Season Review: Kendrick Perkins

Following such a dismal season, it's difficult to capture the influence Perk had on the New Orleans roster.

2016 Player Season Review: Tim Frazier

The Pelicans took a chance on Tim Frazier and it worked. Now, the Pelicans have to figure out how to bring him back and what role he will play for the 2016-17 New Orleans Pelicans.

2016 Player Season Review: Alonzo Gee

The ball sits in Gee's corner if he wants to remain with the New Orleans Pelicans.

2016 Player Season Review: Toney Douglas

Can he continues to hold down a roster spot as teams prioritize development?

2016 Player Season Review: Luke Babbitt

Long live long-haired Babbitt

2016 Player Season Review: Norris Cole

With his free agency impending, is Norris Cole's time up in New Orleans?

2016 Player Season Review: Eric Gordon

Is it time to say goodbye to Eric Gordon?

2016 Player Season Review: Dante Cunningham

Cunningham's ordinary season still looks better than most of the other Pelicans players.

2016 Player Season Review: Omer Asik

Let's relive a traditional big man's quest to fight off extinction.

2016 Player Season Review: Bryce Dejean-Jones

In 14 games, there were flashes of a good player in Bryce Dejean-Jones.

2016 Player Season Reviews: Jrue Holiday

Despite a freakish eye injury that cut his 2016 campaign short, Holiday enjoyed the most productive season of his career and his healthiest as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans.

Reviewing 2015-16 season for Tyreke Evans

Balky knees kept Tyreke Evans from demonstrating his potential in a new offensive system.

Reviewing 2015-16 season for Anthony Davis

Only when fans expect a spectacular season can a great one feel like such a disappointment.