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Wednesday's BirdFeed: Hayward, Babbitt, Cleveland, Clarity

Moratorium ends tonight. So something finally should happen, right?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward gets a Max-Level Contract

Surprising that Charlotte is going this route. No speculation thus far about a potential sign-and-trade, so the Hornets are tying up a great deal of cap space at 12:01 AM Eastern tonight potentially for nothing. Or they are just playing a game of chicken. Who knows?

Cleveland Making Room for LeBron

If you have a chance to sign the greatest basketball player on the planet you do it, regardless of the consequences. I really do not see the draw of Cleveland beyond it being home for LeBron. Let's take a peek at their hypothetical cap sheet. Rumors have tied Cleveland to Mike Miller (let's use the rest of the cap space) and Ray Allen (let's use the room exception). What do we get?

Pos Age 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
LeBron James SF/PF 30 $20,700,000 $21,631,500 $22,563,000
Anderson Varejao PF/C 32 $9,704,545
Kyrie Irving PG 22 $7,070,730 $17,000,000 $18,350,000
Anthony Bennett SF/PF 21 $5,563,920 $5,803,560 $7,318,289
Andrew Wiggins SG/SF 19 $5,510,640 $5,758,680 $6,006,600
Tristan Thompson PF/C 23 $5,138,430
Dion Waiters SG 23 $4,062,000 $5,138,430
Ray Allen SG 39 $2,732,000 $2,854,940
Mike Miller SG/SF 34 $1,858,557 $1,942,192
Scotty Hopson SG/SF 25 $1,450,878
Carrick Felix SG/SF 24 $816,482
Matthew Dellavedova PG/SG 24 $816,482
Joe Harris SG/SF 23 $507,336
CAP HOLDS $2,625,465
Total 26.08 $65,932,000 $62,754,767 $54,237,889

Forgive me for being underwhelmed. The only player listed 6'10" or taller is Anderson Varejao. Kyrie Irving's contract is an estimate.

Luke Babbitt on the Move?

Not at all surprising that Babbitt may be included in a trade to make room for Omer Asik. We have discussed why here at The Bird Rights here and here. We will miss the hair. And the pump fakes.

Withey is a Weight Room Warrior

Those extra pounds should help. No wonder the team is attempting to keep Withey around while likely including Babbitt in the next move. If they also find a way to hang onto Ryan Anderson I fully expect Alexis Ainjca could be included as well.

End of Moratorium in Sight

Tonight at 11:01 PM local time the proverbial flood gates can open. Actual deals can be consummated and offer sheets can be signed. A number of restricted free agents, Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe in particular, have yet to agree on anything. Might some team drop a huge deal on the table the moment the market is open to push either the Suns' or Pistons' hand? It is possible.