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Salary Cap Situation

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

As we discuss free agents and trade rumors, it'll be helpful to have a central place to go for all issues related to the salary cap. Rohan and I created a spreadsheet last night that reflects all the Pelicans' contracts and cap holds and embedded it below. It will automatically update, so whenever the Pelicans make a move that affects the cap (and we get around to putting it in the spreadsheet), it will be reflected right here.

We can create different common trade scenarios on different tabs. For instance, we've created a Rivers Trade Scenario tab that outlines what the Pelicans would have to do to make the Asik deal work if all they do is trade Austin Rivers's contract. In that case, Demps would have to renounce all free agents that have cap holds, waive all players on non-guaranteed contracts other than Jeff Withey, and trade Austin Rivers for no salary in return. That series of moves would put the Pelicans far enough under the cap to let the Asik deal happen.

As trade rumors pop up, we'll add scenarios in the spreadsheet so people can take a look at them. If there are any you want to see, be sure to ask for them in the comments. And, of course, if you have any questions about how we came up with the numbers or happen to notice a mistake, let us know!