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Free Agency Open Thread

This will be interesting!

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

[EDIT: The first big deal is agreed to, and it has serious Pelican ramifications. Kyrie Irving will sign a 5 year contract extension with the Cleveland Cavs. Just one year until we hear a very similar report about Anthony Davis.]

Off and running before the start is officially announced. Toronto appears determined to maintain Kyle Lowry.

Pau Gasol has a number of suitors.

Greg Monroe appears to have a number of teams interested in signing him. Including two Eastern Conference teams with tons of cap space.

Finally, Eric Gordon decided that two hours before free agency was a prime time to post a video of him dead lifting what appears to be 315 pounds. RUMORS GO!

This is just the beginning folks. I suspect that Anthony Morrow may be a target for a number of teams, although not at the very beginning. If you hear something interesting or related to the Pelicans let's see it in the comments.