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Bird Feed: Summer Updates

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Over at this morning, Monty Williams and several of the players gave interviews during voluntary workouts. Here are some bullet points from Monty's interview:

  • Anthony Davis is still planting seeds as the de facto leader of the team with his participation. Monty claims he's usually one of the first guys at the gym once they open. And from a physical standpoint, Davis appears noticeably bigger.
  • Luke Babbitt's biggest drawback is his defensive basketball IQ, specifically knowledge of the the team's schemes. Monty is quite happy with his determination and likes his ability. He mentioned being surprised by Babbitt's shot-block of DeMar DeRozan against the Raptors.
  • Pierre Jackson is a large question mark. Monty has recently watched film and isn't sure of the amount of impact he'll have, as the D-League and the NBA aren't very comparable. Dell Demps may claim Jackson is looked upon as a first round draft pick but Monty sounds much more skeptical. He pointed out how surprised Jackson was at how hard the Pelicans have been going just in the voluntary workouts.
  • Jeff Withey grew last season and became an important member of the rotation towards the end of last season. Appears this summer will go a long way determining how large of a role Withey will be entrusted with next season. Much of the same can be said of Alexei Ajinca too. It would appear that both of their development the next several months could be key to whether Dell Demps brings in another big man.
  • Jrue Holiday hasn't been around, but as Monty alluded to, that's not a big deal.
  • Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon remain on schedule with their respected rehabs after recent surgeries.
Pierre Jackson's interview:
  • It's important to him that the team views him as their 2014 first round draft pick.
  • He understands he still has to earn a contract so this summer is vital.
  • He is aware of the glut of guards on the roster but believes he can still make the team, even if it means displacing someone from last season.
  • In response to questions about his size, he claimed the opposition still has to stop him much like Nate Robinson, Isaiah Thomas or Tony Parker.
Anthony Davis interview:
  • Davis notices he has gotten bigger, but it isn't anything extreme. For instance, he isn't able to do anything new that he couldn't do during last season.
  • Davis is trying to add a corner three (!!!), more post moves and stuff off the dribble.
  • Will attempt to pace himself this summer to avoid burning out.