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Tenuous Pelicans-Greg Monroe Links Continue

Can New Orleans make a move from Detroit's Greg Monroe?

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

David has covered many of the angles involving how Greg Monroe becomes a Pelican this summer; the news media has done its part in (sporadically) covering the possible connection.

So as we get closer and closer to free agency, it likely deserves a new thread.

I'm not a huge fan of moving Ryan Anderson in a potential Monroe/Eric Gordon trade, but the two mitigating factors of Anderson's back injury and Anderson's salary making deals involving Josh Smith easier to do under the cap perhaps make it the most realistic option.

In any case, a pursuit of Monroe essentially turns into a game of front court musical chairs for New Orleans. Anthony Davis is nailed down, but around him, you can have some combination of Jason Smith, Ryan Anderson, Greg Monroe, or Josh Smith. Toss in your exact feelings on Eric Gordon (mine: potentially awesome sub, but, who knows) and it may make certain combinations more or less palatable. Which do you like most long term?