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Mock Draft: Your One Stop Shop

Who are the Pelicans missing out on? Will the draft make anyone available in a trade?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last year I compiled mock drafts from around the internet. This year, despite the Pelicans lacking a draft pick, I intend to do the same. Since both the NBA Combine and NBA Lottery are complete, this is the first good look NBA fans have at how the draft might play out. As a Pelican fan the most interesting data point is not who Philadelphia might pick with the 10th pick, but who Milwaukee selects with the second pick.

I have had my eye on Larry Sanders for a long time. My first "Dream Scenario" focused on getting Sanders practically a year ago. Since then I traded for Sanders in the NBA Trade Machine, pointed out how he could help the Pelicans salary cap situation, discussed Sanders as trade target this summer, and had another "Dream Scenario". Needless to say, I think Larry Sanders could help the Pelicans on defense, which is where New Orleans needs the most help. If the Bucks select Joel Embiid I think Larry Sanders is available and Dell Demps should be on the phone immediately.

Without further delay, the mock drafts.

Draft Express ESPN - Chad Ford SBNation CBS - Matt Moore Bleacher Report HoopsHype
CLE Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker Andrew Wiggins Joel Embiid Andrew Wiggins Joel Embiid Joel Embiid Joel Embiid
MIL Jabari Parker Joel Embiid Joel Embiid Jabari Parker Joel Embiid Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins Andrew Wiggins
PHI Joel Embiid Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker Andrew Wiggins Jabari Parker Jabari Parker Jabari Parker Jabari Parker
ORL Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum Dante Exum
UTH Marcus Smart Julius Randle Noah Vonleh Aaron Gordon Noah Vonleh Noah Vonleh Julius Randle Julius Randle
BOS Julius Randle Noah Vonleh Aaron Gordon Noah Vonleh Marcus Smart Marcus Smart Noah Vonleh Noah Vonleh
LAL Noah Vonleh Aaron Gordon Julius Randle Marcus Smart Julius Randle Julius Randle Marcus Smart Marcus Smart
SAC Doug McDermott Marcus Smart Marcus Smart Julius Randle Aaron Gordon Aaron Gordon Doug McDermott Doug McDermott
CHA Dario Saric Doug McDermott Doug McDermott Jusuf Nurkic Doug McDermott Nik Stauskas Aaron Gordon Aaron Gordon
PHI Aaron Gordon Jusuf Nurkic Nik Stauskas Nik Stauskas Gary Harris James Young Gary Harris Gary Harris
DEN Jusuf Nurkic Dario Saric Gary Harris Zach LaVine Adreian Payne Dario Saric Zach LaVine Zach LaVine
ORL James Young Rodney Hood Dario Saric Gary Harris James Young Adreian Payne Nik Stauskas Nik Stauskas
MIN Nik Stauskas Adreian Payne Adreian Payne James Young Tyler Ennis Zach LaVine Dario Saric Dario Saric
PHX Gary Harris Nik Stauskas Zach LaVine Rodney Hood Clint Capela Jusuf Nurkic Rodney Hood Rodney Hood

If you honestly believe that Nerlens Noel and Gary Harris or Nik Stauskas are more valuable over the next three years in the NBA than Jrue Holiday congratulations; you might be the only one. At the top of the draft there is hardly consensus. In my opinion Joel Embiid would be a mistake for the Cavs. A classic case of picking the best fit over the best player. A competent NBA GM does not pass on Andrew Wiggins because last year they drafted Anthony Bennett.

I can see Milwaukee going either way. If the Cavs select Embiid I cannot see the Bucks passing on Andrew Wiggins. But, if the Cavs are smart, Milwaukee has a more difficult decision. Parker is obviously the better fit (assuming they keep Sanders), but most believe Embiid has the higher upside. I think Milwaukee fans could talk themselves into either option.

Your thoughts? How much are you missing the idea of a Nik Stauskas-Anthony-Davis-Nerlens Noel super team?

[EDIT: A fascinating look into the actual lottery itself. No, it is not rigged.]