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So yeah, Tyreke Evans Underwent Successful Surgery Today

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Don't you just love how stuff like this continues to come out of left field?

New Orleans Pelicans swingman Tyreke Evans said on his Instagram account on Wednesday evening he has undergone a successful surgery.

Evans posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed with the caption: "Surgery went great!! Can't wait to start my re-hab & get back on the court with my teammates !! @van_smack on my side with the support!"

It's unclear exactly what Evans had surgery to repair or when the procedure took place, although he was plagued by left ankle issues throughout the season.

Can I get a...LOL!!!

Absolutely nothing out of the front office in the preceding days. On the day of, the local newspaper still has no idea on the type of procedure Evans underwent.

Seriously, if fans of this team didn't have access to social media (thanks Instagram -- best source for Pelican news), they'd be able to get away with murder. On a different note, get well soon Tyreke! None of us had the remotest inkling about your surgery, but we're all praying the recovery goes according to plan, even if we'll end up in the dark about an expected time frame too.