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Greg Stiemsma Is Waived

Shed a tear for the Steamer..
Shed a tear for the Steamer..
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Well, well... well.

It's undeniably weird to celebrate someone losing their job -- to rejoice in the knowledge that, today, a fellow human being was presumably called into some grimy old office , told that he was so depressingly poor at his job that he should never, ever, ever come in again, and most horrifyingly, informed that his replacement was Melvin Ely. Few baser things will occur to anyone this year, and yet, the trumpets echoing through the air, the gleeful shouts of small children, the magnolias dancing in the spring breeze, indicate a staggeringly peremptory dissonance between the feelings of New Orleans and the feelings of Gregory "Greg" Stiemsma.

Such reaction is callous. Of course it is. In so many ways, it's also a move that is mind-bendingly absurd. The timing! There are just the two games left of another lost season, and there is the matter, again, of Stiemsma's replacement being not a young promising up-and-comer, not even a similarly-aged-but-better Greg Stiemsma, but rather the 36 year old Melvin Ely, last seen suiting up for the 2010-2011 Denver Nuggets. Why? Why now? Why Melvin Ely for Greg Stiemsma on April 14th, 2014?

The fundamental weirdness of this move lends itself to far more questions. Was this a purely front-office decision, some sort of reaction by Dell Demps to Monty Williams' contumacious insistence on playing the Steamer? More optimistically -- have the scales, at long last, fallen from Williams' eyes? Or is there something more sinister at play?

We don't know, and the more common refrain, one suspects, will be we won't care. Oleh and David have composed a veritable ocean of Stiemsma-related musings this season, ranging from the amusing to the whimsical to the please god make it stop. Well, it's stopped. The Unholy Trio is no more. Greg Stiemsma, Pelican, is no longer. Regardless of the incivility the reaction may belie, it's a happy day in New Orleans.