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Bird Feed: Babbitt's Disappearance Revealed

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

- Luke Babbitt has now recorded 4 straight DNP's (of the coaching decision variety) and many fans have been puzzled as to why. Finally, we have had some light shed on the subject:

  • The Pelicans have 20 games left this season and with an eye towards the future, it would seem that coach Monty Williams would be willing to widen his rotations to get younger players more minutes. But that’s not necessarily the case, he said Sunday. "It’s all feel and circumstance right now. Different guys like Luke (Babbitt) haven’t gotten a chance to play because of the different lineups," Williams said. "He doesn’t understand the wing position and thus we’ve tried to keep him at the four."

Some coaches in this league have no problem putting players in unfamiliar positions, see Mike D'Antoni. Monty obviously sits on the other side of the spectrum. He is unwilling to put an "unprepared" player on the court, even at the expense of important evaluation data in a meaningless rest of the schedule. GM Dell Demps can't possibly be happy -- having spent Benson's money to reach an international buyout on a player who can't even find the floor with three regulars done for the season.

- For those who missed it, here is Anthony Morrow sending yesterday's game into OT:

It's becoming a trend: many Pelican fans are supportive of the idea of Morrow returning to the the team next season. In his limited time in uniform, he's displayed a demonstrative passion. On a team where the vast majority remain emotionless, it's a very welcome sight. And the fact Morrow is currently ranked 3rd in accuracy from deep doesn't hurt either. Hey, at least Monty agrees:

"He’s like Mountain Dew times 10…he’s always going. It’s something we need on our team. He is always positive and is not afraid to get on guys when that’s needed. When we’re down, he’s the guy on the bench that keeps guys going."

Make it happen Demps.

It's been awhile now that we were made aware of Ryan Anderson going for a second opinion on his herniated discs not healing well. Sadly, with each passing day, surgery seems the likely outcome.