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Game Preview: Pelicans vs Nets

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Having won 7 of 10 since snapping their ugly 8 game losing skid in January, New Orleans looks to continue surging with All-Star weekend coming up. At 22-27, the Pelicans will still need a miraculous second half to contend for the postseason without Ryan Anderson, but with Anthony Davis' play, it's not impossible.

Their 22-26 opponents tonight meanwhile should comfortably make the playoffs in the East, their straight awful -2.7 average point differential notwithstanding (twice as bad as New Orleans!). Unfortunately, at 14-11, they've been decent at home.

Three keys to the game:

- Don't randomly stop using Anthony Davis. Monty Williams decided that doing this was an awesome idea in the third quarter against Minnesota and very nearly paid dearly. Brooklyn's not a great defensive team, and nobody on the roster should be able to limit Davis.

- Watch the fouls. The Nets are pretty ugly offensively, but they fall short of being among the league's worst by consistently getting to the line. Foul trouble threatened to come into play against Minnesota, the league's 4th best FT/FGA team. Brooklyn's the league's 5th best.

- Stop playing Stiemsma. This isn't Brooklyn-specific, but probably needs to be the third key for every game Monty Williams coaches. Please.