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Bird Feed: Anthony Davis Listed as Day-to-Day; Eric Gordon Unfulfilled

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Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

- Per the Times-Picayune:

A day after New Orleans Pelicans All-Star power forward Anthony Davis sprained his left shoulder in the first half of their 108-89 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, the Pelicans announced that Davis would be day-to-day in his recovery from the injury.

It's unclear if Davis, the Pelicans leader in scoring (20.2), rebounding (10.2) and blocks (3.0), will be ready to play in Friday's game against the Phoenix Suns.

Davis was injured in the second quarter while trying to follow up his own missed shot. Immediately after attempting a put back, Davis grabbed at his left shoulder. He attempted to stay in the game for a possession, but checked out for good minutes later.

As David mentioned in the recap, Davis left the game with the Pelicans ahead by 1. For the remainder of the game, the Mavericks out-scored us by 20. Shudder to think what may happen if he misses a game or two, but it's good news he wasn't slapped with the dreaded indefinite tag.

Get well soon AD!

- Eric Gordon's latest emotion? Unfulfilled.

"I feel I can do more," Gordon told "I’ve had some big, explosive games this year. Now for me it’s just all about having the ball a little bit more, shooting the ball a little bit more and being able to do all the playmaking that I’m used to."

His gains haven’t stopped the team from again shopping him, something that eats at Gordon. As he walked from the American Airlines Center court to the team bus following Wednesday morning’s shootaround, he said, "It is disappointing because … I am back to where I should be [physically] and will be. And just to hear stuff like that out there kind of throws you off sometimes."