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Game 56: Pelicans vs. Clippers

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Jeff Gross
2013/2014 NBA Season



February 24, 2014, 7:00 PM CDT
New Orleans, LA
FSNO, Prime
Projected Starters
Brian Roberts Chris Paul
Eric Gordon Jamal Crawford
Al-Farouq Aminu Matt Barnes
Anthony Davis Blake Griffin
Alexis Ajinca DeAndre Jordan
Advanced Stats (2013/14)
92.1 (23) Pace 95.8 (8)
106.9 (11) ORtg 111.2 (3)
108.7 (26) DRtg 105.0 (11)


- Tonight's preview can be found HERE.

- Earlier today, the Black and Blue Report interviewed guest speaker Dell Demps. Definitely worth a listen as several key topics were discussed:

  • Pelicans Trade Deadline Period. Demps was only interested in improving the talent on the team. It is reasonable to believe then that he wasn't interested in a pure salary dump for say Gordon. However, it shouldn't be considered the Pelicans entirely sat on their hands. The acquisitions of both Alexis Ajinca and Luke Babbitt were moves to improve our depth for this year and hopefully beyond.
  • A nice Pierre Jackson timeline. Demps spoke about when he first laid his eyes on him (thought he was the best player on Baylor's team) to the plan for Jackson upon trading for his rights to how he is expected to be in a Pelicans uniform for the first time in the upcoming Summer League.
  • Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson. By the end of this week, the Pelicans hope to know when Holiday may be available and what lies ahead for Anderson.

- Geaux Pels!