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Bird Feed: Guards Dominating Trade Deadline Rumors

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

- Monty Williams believes that Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans will remain Pelicans for the foreseeable future:

But Pelicans coach Monty Williams said after Monday’s practice that he expects for both players to still be with the team after the trade deadline passes.

''I don’t know where all that stuff comes from man,’’ Williams said. ''It’s silly to me to put guys names out there like that. I don’t know how to answer that.


Gordon said he was told by team officials that he's not on the trading block. However, speculation still persists that he could be moved if the Pelicans can find a team willing to take on his enormous contract.

- Pierre Jackson's name is now appearing on the Cleveland Cavalier's want list:

With the NBA’s trade deadline two days away, the Cavaliers have shown interest in acquiring the rights of point guard Pierre Jackson, among other deals, league sources told the Akron Beacon Journal.


The Cavs’ interest could be a pre-emptive strike in case Jarrett Jack is traded.

-Austin Rivers continues to sit on the hot seat, this time via Marc Spears:

Source said New Orleans could be trading guard Austin Rivers and the rights to hot-scoring D-League guard Pierre Jackson.

- Anthony Morrow is the latest Pelican to join the fray:

That's a lot of names and all of them guards, so it wouldn't be surprising to see someone moved before the deadline. As we've said, Eric Gordon is the obvious first choice of Dell Demps and has been for quite some time. However, one has to believe the offers haven't been up to snuff, with the Pelicans looking at moving other candidates. The following tweet confirms this notion:

The Houston Rockets are thought to be more interested in a 3&D wing player instead of a stretch 4 or a legitimate backup to Dwight Howard, but Gordon is probably too expensive and Morrow can't provide the defense. Regardless of what happens in the next 48+ hours, expect the Pelicans to be involved in further rumors and perhaps an actual deal or two, despite pundits not envisioning a whole lot of action prior to the deadline. It's obvious Demps has an itchy finger with so many of our players currently topics of conversation.


Welp, this would close the book on Ryan Anderson for the rest of the year. The Pelicans can now replace him on the roster for the figure total above. In addition, it now may be easier to move Gordon. We could take back more salary (just for the rest of this season) and thus help out any teams needing to cut payroll.


At first, I figured it meant Jackson would get signed and called up by the Pelicans, but now it appears to be a packaged deal. Amico's following tweet seems to indicate this:


Okay, so Demps and company aren't 100% against the idea of handing Pierre Jackson a uniform.