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All-Star Friday: Rising Stars Challenge Open Thread

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Well, it's here, the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend! To kick things off, the Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game (on ESPN) will air at 6 pm. But the Friday event that most everyone will be more looking forward to will be the Rising Stars Challenge starting at 8 pm. Local phenom, Anthony Davis will be making his first of two appearances during the extravaganza and will lead Team Webber against Team Hill. Not surprisingly, Davis was the first selection and many expect him to be the most dominating player on the court. Despite the fact he'll also be playing Sunday, expect him to receive a full allotment of minutes. The home crowd will demand it.

For a breakdown of Team Webber, here are some further details. One interesting thing to note, Davis will be playing next to Jared Sullinger. Lately (and with good reason), there has been plenty of discussion on The Bird Writes about what if New Orleans had selected Sullinger over Austin Rivers several drafts ago. Chances are tonight will be the only glimpse we'll ever get of seeing the what-if scenario play out. Enjoy, or cry, whatever your prerogative!