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Bird Feed: More Eric Gordon Rumors, a Ryan Anderson Update and Pierre's Cosmetic Surgery

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

- Eric Gordon's name continues to pop up in trade rumors. Before yesterday's game, a Milwaukee Bucks beat writer tweeted this:

It's no secret the Bucks are in dire need of a solid shooter or two. O.J. Mayo has not worked out and the rest of the roster offers little hope. With a myriad of holes, the upcoming draft is only going to help so much. And with the owner, Herb Kohl, interested in being competitive every year, it wouldn't be surprising for the Bucks to make a move before the deadline.

Whether Gordon ends up in Milwaukee is anyone's guess (last night's game didn't hurt the cause), however it should be assumed GM's have taken notice of his usefulness. For the month of January, he posted 16.7 points, 3.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists and a 44%/38%/78% shooting split. No, it's not on the level of a legitimate number 1 option, but teams probably feel Gordon could make for a decent secondary scorer. The cost is a little high (and that's why Demps hasn't moved him yet), but with the trade deadline approaching and teams looking to add anything positive, don't be shocked if a taker is found soon.

- Ryan Anderson continues to progress slowly from a herniated disc and is scheduled for several evaluations later this month:

New Orleans Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson said he is scheduled to get another medical evaluation for his herniated disc later this month and will also seek a second opinion from another doctor.


`` At beginning of the year, I got my last MRI and it said the disc wasn’t healing,’’ Anderson said. ``But my symptoms are getting a lot better. I don’t feel that pain anymore. The fact that I’m feeling better is a good sign, but I’m going to get re-checked and have another MRI.

The Nola article goes on to say he hasn't been ruled out for the rest of the year, but it's hard to imagine we'll see him back in uniform, not with his current rate of progress.

- If you missed last night's telecast, Fox Sports New Orleans unveiled the new Pierre the Pelican mascot during halftime. He's certainly less intimidating but I'm not sure it's an improvement. What do you guys think?